Friday, November 21, 2008

We Hit the Big Time

When you blog, at least on the level that we here at the old Hare-Brained Express Tour blog, you expect to be read by your friends, acquaintances, customers, family, (I'm not sure even my family reads this... maybe Margaret's does), and that's about it. We get visited to the tune of around 30 visitors a day.

Then you write something like my satellite radio rant the other day, and suddenly you get linked by Rolling Stone online. Yeah... that Rolling Stone. How cool is that?

I bet that's never happened to Patrick... or Steve... or.. or.. Todd. :-)


  1. Yeah, but you've linked to me again, so that makes me cool once removed....or something... :)

  2. damn...i guess democracy sometimes works. What's happening with our world??? BTW - you cant count Costa Rica amongst your blog-visited countries.. i'm just a visitor in this crazy land. I'll try to access your blog from Colombia next week just to add to the list.

  3. Already have Columbia ;-)

  4. So.. did you check the "cool" box below the post?

  5. Nope -- though ther] terrierman site has been linked by a few papers. Sadly, however, no Rolling Stone. Rachel Maddow linked to my work site though ;)

  6. Rachel Maddow?! Then I'm envious.. she's so bright. And hot! ;-)


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