Tuesday, June 22, 2021

GOP Whine Cellar: Can't win if'n we can't cheat!

 Cap Action:

Am I Back?

Maybe.  Looks like I've been on vacation for 3 years.  I'm a little rusty on this blogging thing. Look for more photos, and less verbiage... unless I have something really important to say. 

With that, here's another recent photo. (Available on an embossed notecard w/envelope)

Sunset, City of Rocks State Park
Faywood, New Mexico

Edits: Nik HDR Efx Pro

Smoky Sunset. June 21, 2021

There is so much haze on the horizon from wildfires in New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Mexico.... everywhere!  And while it's tragic for those whose lives have been touched, it's ironically the photographer's friend. You don't get sunsets like this in clear air! Edited with LuminarAI.  Try it yourself: https://skylum.grsm.io/danielgauss3379


Is It Time To Up Your Photo Game? (I did, and I never looked back!)

But hurry.... time is running out!