Thursday, January 18, 2024

Free Photo Editor! Free!*

*for 10 days, but hear me out...

Beginning tomorrow morning at 7AM EST, Luminar Neo will be available for a 10 day free trial. They're so convinced that you will absolutely fall in love with the new GenAI tools, that they're going to let you play around with them for 10 days at no cost to you. And if you love it, and decide to keep it, you'll automatically get 30% off at check-out as long as you use this link! (NOTE: Link will not be active until 7AM EST, on January 19, and expires on January 29 at 7AM EST)

You've seen, in previous posts, some of the things you can do with the GenAI tools. Here's my latest "fun" creation. (I thought Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge needed some T-Rexes)

Not your cup of tea? Never fear. As I've harped on and on here, Luminar Neo is a fully functioned, ridiculously intuitive, powerful editor! You just want to edit your photos and not conjure up critters from Jurassic Park, you can do that, too. See?

"Mushroom Tree", Bosque del Apache NWR ©Daniel Gauss/Shot On Site

So try it out. Your images will have never looked so good. If you take advantage of this 10 day offer, and have questions, don't hesitate to contact me:, or use FB messenger at

I'll try and be the best coach I can be!

Tired Of Giving Jeff Bezos All Your Money? Read On...

You may have seen mention here in the past of Readers Cove Used Books & Galleryour used book store in Deming, New Mexico,,, one of the 7 best bookstores in New Mexico! And yes, we sell the crap out of used books, which are one of the greatest deals in the modern world.

But let's say you're looking for a new book. You either hop in the car and drive 5 miles (or in our case 50) to the new book store, or you get online and order it from A-----. 

What if I told you there was a third option? And that third option would help (in a very financial way) your favorite local book shop (that being Readers Cove, of course!). 

Well, here's the deal: we've partnered with, and rather than me just repeating the info in the image below, just read on:

When you're in the market for a new book just use this link, or even easier, just scan the QR code above, and you'll be taken to our "storefront", place your order, and we'll get a nice little piece of the retail pie. 

Everybody wins, and you'll even save a buck or two! I did a little comparison shopping the other day for prices on the newest releases. It seems the mega-behemoth mail order retailer you all know and hate sells new releases at cover price, while discounts $1-$2. Check 'em out!