Monday, March 31, 2008

New Slide Show!

As promised, Margaret's pictures from the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks (Tulsa).

That's all we have time for today, unfortunately.. gotta get Rally to the vet for the cast padding change. Wanted to do a sports wrap... that will have to wait till we get on the road again as this is probably the last chance we'll get to come into Hugo.

Briefly: Disappointed in the Final Four. Happy with the Frozen Four. Grand Valley basketball had a decent season (36-1) losing for the second straight year in the "Great Eight" to the ultimate Division II champions... Winona State this year. Tigers opening game today. That is all!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Another Easy Quiz.

Since the movies are uploading so quickly here at the library in Hugo, here's another easy quiz. (Post your replies in the comments section)

What dish is being prepared here? Certain people can't play... you know who you are. ;-)


...from the booming metropolis of downtown Hugo, Oklahoma, where we've eaakaek mmgmgmgfmfmfm ldle0 eikdfjl94il... mmmfffff.... wait. OK, got my tongue unplanted from my cheek. We've escaped from Windyglen, where we've been spending the "off week" after last weekend's greyhound trial in Texas and NOTRA racemeet here in Oklahoma. Windyglen offers a lot for us... RV hookups, primarily, but a pastoral rural setting as well... and therein lies the problem, and which is why we've driven 22 miles to Hugo, and the Chocktaw County Library: WiFi. So, if you've been wondering what's happened to us, and why nothing has been posted recently... now you know.

I promised a shot of Rally's new look...

Right away you're probably noticing that the hardware's gone, replaced by a removeable cast. In retrospect, the external fixator device was probably not a practical solution for a dog that lives in a motor home with narrow passageways, 4 other dogs (not to mention a cat), and plenty of other obstacles... like catching the device on the door of the crate. Sandia also got his paw caught inside one of the rods as well. What fun. The upshot is that it got loose, and she developed a staph infection in the bone that was resistant to all but 4 antibiotics, (fortunately one of them was Tetracycline... for which we got a 4 week supply at WalMart for $6!). So, for living up to her new name yet again, the good folks at Louisiana Veterinary Referral Clinic put her in the cast, and Rally is much, much happier. We've had the cast off twice now, to change the padding, and the drainage has been reduced to light spotting, and the swelling around the tibia has gone down noticeably. She thinks she can even run. She may, but probably never competitively again. We'll see what Jim Radcliffe thinks when we remove the cast for good in 6 and a half more weeks.


If anyone is still interested, the answer to the last geoquiz, was Dyess AFB in Tye, TX... which is next to Abilene. One of only two places in the US where you could see the B1B bomber.. (the other being Elmendorf AFB in South Dakota... but you'd likely see snow on the ground if that had been the location). And when I say they come in low, I mean it. Just check this out:

...and when the wind is blowing the other way, and they're taking off over the campground and the Flying J, instead of landing, consider this: It's four times as loud, with long flames shooting out of the afterburners. Just way too cool.


We'll be staying at Windyglen for another few days, so don't look for much here until we head up to Wichita. Unless something happens that I just have to write about.

Oh, Margaret and Sally drove up to Tulsa yesterday and visited the Oklahoma Aquarium. Margaret got some terrific pictures with the little Fuji camera. We'll be changing the slide show soon!

Friday, March 21, 2008

New Stuff at Cafe Press

We've added Scottish Deerhound and Italian Greyhound to the bumper sticker assortment. Here's the "tongue in cheek" IG version.. You get it, right?
Right now we've only got the IG in the bumper sticker, but we've got the deerhound in stickers and apparel items. Check 'em out!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Not With a Bang, but a Whimper

Brian at MGoBlog has all the detailed analysis anyone could possibly need on the Pryor commitment earlier today.
Just as a side note... We're pretty sure we know where he's going, but are we really sure he knows where he's going... in his loaner Corvette?

"If everyone's here," he said, "University of Ohio State."
That's a MAC school, isn't it?
Well.... if he takes too long to figure out the name of the school, they'll just take the 'vette away and give it back to Maurice Clarett.

Jambalaya and the Crawfish Pie and the Filé Gumbo...

...And lure coursing at DebMar Farms near Bush, Lousiana. Nice field, huh? When we were here pre-Katrina, you couldn't see across this field. 14 double-trailer logging trucks, and innumerable bonfires later.. you have a pretty good lure coursing field.
We arrived on Thursday, and Friday morning drove to New Orleans for brunch at the Court of the Two Sisters. We stuffed ourselves at the buffet and the egg station (tip: creole seafood omelet.. excellent) to the extent that we didn't get back to the car in time and collected a pretty, orange parking ticket. $20. Expensive parking. Cheaper than a seat belt violation in New Mexico, however.

Saturday broke warm, windy, and humid. A tad uncomfortable, but a far cry from the snows of a week before in Edgewood.

We were visited by Matt Mullenix and family. Matt is a contributor at the Querencia blog, is an avid falconer, and owns a whippet, Rina, from our hosts this weekend, the Bahms. You can see Matt's take on the blogger "meet-up" here. And here they are:

Unfortunately, Matt and family had plans for the evening, so missed the crawfish boil, and the live band- which had its act cut short by a visit from the local authorities who said they could hear them "five miles away". All in all, a fun evening. A fun weekend. And here's a wildlife pic from the weekend:
Not the rare, Ivory Billed Woodpecker, but its relative, the Pileated Woodpecker. Caught it flying overhead on Saturday morning; undoubtedly looking for all those pines that used to be here.
Today, we went to Louisiana Veterinary Referral Clinic to have Rally checked out. She didn't check out well. The fixator was loose, and she had a lot of swelling around the tibia. She's sporting a new $500 look. Pics as soon as I take 'em.
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Forward.. Into the Past.

Let me digress briefly. Yes... of course the WalMart gas station with the refueling alien was Roswell. We spent that night in Tatum, NM. The town has free full hookups behind the community center. A nice touch. Last time we stayed there.. a couple years ago.. it was Thanksgiving week. We got invited into the center for the town's annual potluck Thanksgiving dinner! We have a soft spot for Tatum.

The next night, we stayed here:
Where is it? Nearest major city will do. (Todd can't play).
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Let's just say I was wrong about Louisiana... about having a good signal and getting caught up, I mean. So much to cover.... after so much gumbo, jambalaya, red beans & rice, bananas Foster, etc, etc All will now have to wait until we're back in Texas. I know Matt Mullenix is sitting on pins and needles waiting to see his "family portrait". ;-)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

We hit the road yesterday morning, and drove the Express out of New Mexico for the first time in 2 months. Signal's been spotty, so not much new added here. When we get to Louisiana, I'll have time to catch up. Meanwhile, here's an easy little geo-quiz to keep you occupied. Where is this? Post your answers to "comments".
UPDATE: Had a correct answer already... took about 2 minutes, but I did say it was easy. I'll hold publishing comments for a few days, so others can post their- correct- responses.
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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Leave it to the Finns & Russians... do Southern Rock right! Todd, this is for you ;-P

HT Steve Bodio, and/or whoever sent it to him, with info on the band at the link.

OK. Not Funny Any More.

This started about 7 last night. Just light flurries now, but the winter storm warning continues until 6PM tonight, with another 1-4 expected. And I have to drive in to the airport to get Margaret at 4. In one of those meteorological mysteries, there's virtually no snow in Albuquerque, just 30 miles away. The problem will be getting there.
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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

All In the Family

It was damn cold when I got up this morning, but by the time we got up to Moriarty and got the dogs out of the vehicles, it was damn perfect weather. This would be the only chance we'd have for a -truncated- family shot. Maya (that loooong dog from a previous post) on the left, Zuni in the middle, and well, what readers of this blog don't recognize Sandia? The people? It matters? Okay, Steve Garth, and Chris Mason (without whom, neither Steve or I would have these fabulous Spanish Greyhounds).

I would be an irresponsible owner if I didn't post at least one picture of the group chasing a jack, with Sandia prominently in the lead...

... and a solo shot of Sandia's backside, showing some pretty decent muscling..

..and after Sandia had run two, I leashed him up so Maya and Zuni could get some decent photo time ;-) Sandia's run way more than his littermates at this point which, depending on my or Chris's point of view is either a good thing or a bad. Time will tell. Today was his last rabbit until next Fall at the earliest.. so I guess I could have let him chase a third one. It was a great day out with good people and promising dogs.

We headed back to Edgewood for breakfast at the East Mountain Grill... something I was looking forward to all week. The best huevos rancheros I've ever tasted.. with green chiles, of course, and good black beans. We had to wait for Steve a bit, because he was hung up in the parking lot on the phone with Jermaine Dupri. Oh, these movers and shakers I hang out with.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Heads Up

Three quick things:

Tomorrow, 3 or 4 of the Galgo littermates are going out hunting. I predict a post about that later in the day.

New slide show on the sidebar. Magdalena. People, dogs, landscapes, horses,..... and pigeons. Click on the show for the captioned version.

Last: I just chopped a buck off the price of the bumper stickers at the store. We realized there may be some price resistance to a five dollar bumper sticker... even a spectacular, vibrant, attention-getting, custom design that our Margaret sweated over for days! There's lamer stickers there for $6 and more. Be like the folks in the Netherlands: buy a bunch! (And Anke: we'll do something nice for you... kind of like price protection).

A Long Dog, But Not a Longdog.

This is Sandia's littermate, Maya, at an oval "fun run" on Saturday in Mountainair. Chris said she was long. No, I did not Photoshop in an extra section of body. She's looking good here, but lost interest about the time the lure began to turn. Sandia did pretty much the same thing, after first coming to visit the photographer :-)

Any and all dogs were welcome to run. Below is proof that 4 legs aren't required to get around the track, as long as there's plenty of heart.
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Whose Ass They Gonna Kiss Now?

Sports journalism's ridiculous love affair with Green Bay Packers' quarterback, Brett Favre is finally going to end. Favre's agent has announced that the man I call the most overrated player in the history of sport, is going to retire. The media's lavish praise of the man who holds NFL records in interceptions... (yeah, touchdowns too... big deal) reminds me of the way the political media falls all over themselves to shower accolades on presidential candidate Barack Obama (all of which is warranted, by comparison.... Buckeye state: do something right for a change!). That Favre, he's no Tom Brady ;-) He wouldn't even have the one, lonely Super Bowl ring he owns if not for this former Wolverine, Heisman Trophy winner, and Super Bowl MVP...
So good bye, Brett. Go fishin', and don't let too many of your baitfish get "picked off".

Monday, March 03, 2008

Rhymes With "OH NO!!"

Morning in Edgewood, NM...
...Dogs had a good time, though.

Not like it was any big surprise.. it was predicted days ago. Took Sandia by surprise, though. He'd never seen snow before, and the driveway was quite slippery. And why isn't that rabbit running away?

10:30 AM.... it's all gone.

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