Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Hare-Brained Express Tour - 2005

More end of the year insanity

So, here we are, parked caddy corner from Hot Java, at Old Mill Farm in Cartersville. Four days, four trials are about to commence in the morning. Besides the insane jockying that's been going on for months in Borzoi, I wonder who else is going to be here fighting for a number one spot on ASFA's list? The next two days will tell all, as the 2004 Hare Brained Express Tour winds down. I know one thing.. things better be over by 4:45 Saturday afternoon, because this boy is going to plant himself in front of the TV to watch some Rose Bowl. Any bets, Texas folk?

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Hare-Brained Express Tour - 2005

While we figure out how to get our pictures over there in the Profile column, you'll just have to see us in the two photos that were originally posted on Christmas.

Things have been, uh, interesting since Christmas, as both of us got intensely ill... I'm sure it was food poisoning from eating at the inlaws.., but Margaret suspects a "virus". I thought that's why we had Norton Utilities!

The day after Christmas was a lost Sunday. Spent the entire day in bed.. didn't even turn on the TV to watch football. Didn't even turn on the Sirius Satellite radio! Just wanted warm covers, dark and quiet.

I know I depleted my resistance the day before Christmas, by going on a death march with Buffy and Fanny at the park. Being stubborn by nature, I took off on a trail without consulting a park map to see that it was not a loop trail. So what was anticipated to be a 2-3 mile workout with the girls, ended up being about 7 miles, too close to sunset, and beset with encroaching hypothermia. What fun. It's a very pretty park though, considering it's in the middle of the northern 'burbs.

Anyway, I felt better enough today to get out and do another 2-3 miles with Fanny and Rally. (I looked at a map, and figured out how to loop... don't tell Margaret!)

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Hare-Brained Express Tour - 2005

Hare-Brained Express Tour - 2005

As the 2004 "tour" winds down, we're sitting at Fort Yargo State Park in Winder, GA. We seemed doomed, for the forseeable future, to toil in the Red states.. Georgia & Texas. Upcoming are the 4 days of GANG, at Cartersville, GA... 2 year end trials for 2004, and the first trials of 2005. From there, we'll travel back to Glen Rose, TX for AKC lure coursing trials on the 8th & 9th of January. The 15th & 16th will find us in Hutto, TX at the Triple Crown Dog Academy for ASFA lure coursing, then back up to Fort Worth the 22nd & 23rd for more ASFA. Finally, on the 29th and 30th we'll get to a "purple" state.. New Mexico, where we'll pit our "pack" against some of the best open field dogs in the Southwest at Dutch Salmon's Pack Hunt, followed on Sunday by a TCC mixed hunt. February schedule will be listed in an upcoming post. Meanwhile, we'll have to find time to get the Bounder into the body shop in Brownwood, TX to have the hole in its forehead repaired, and the awning replaced. We gonna be busy! But I just wanted to get this first post in to see how this blog is going to work out. Feedback is welcomed, and expected!

Dan, in the same desert, with (L-R) Fanny, Buffy, Rally, Randir. Posted by Hello

Margaret and Rally, in the southern desert of New Mexico.. waiting for the appearance of the elusive Corralitos Blacktailed Jackrabbit. Posted by Hello