Saturday, August 19, 2023

I Am Not A Mime...

 ...but I play one in this Baleaf unboxing video.

If you follow this blog religiously, you will remember I wrote about Baleaf's cycling clothing back in November of last year, highlighting their big Black Friday sale. In the interim, I've picked up a few more items from Baleaf, like some new base layer compression shorts sustainably made from recycled plastic bottles. Nice.

So, to bring this up to date, a week or so ago, Baleaf had a 9th Anniversary promotion, where they were offering free shipping on any order (I jumped at that!), and a free gift for sharing "(my) Baleaf journey." I did that, too, because who doesn't like a free gift? Lazy person that I am, I disclosed that I was a Baleaf affiliate, and gave them the link to my previous blog post. 

And they liked it! I got an email from Polly in marketing who wondered if I'd like to try out some other cycling gear and review it on my blog and other social media accounts. Oh, would I! I looked through the offerings, (and more importantly, the sizing charts), and sent my reply: "Here's my size, and I'll leave it up to you what you want to send".

And what I got was the nice... let me get this right... so the package label says: "BALEAF Men's Fleece Running Tights Thermal Cycling Pants Winter Gear Water Resistant Leggings Pockets Black/Green XXL"  that you see in the video up there. 

Now since these are thermal (really niiiiice fleece lining), and the temps here in southern New Mexico are still in the 90s, it might be three or four months before I can give them the proper workout and review that they deserve. I can tell you, the "fit and finish" is perfect, so I can't wait. I pointed out all the little details and features in the video, but if you want the all the pertinent details, colors, sizes, etc, just click on the picture of me just down there πŸ‘‡

LOL, just kidding! Not about clicking the picture, definitely do that. I can understand if you're confused, but no, that's not me. 

If this item is not to your liking (or gender), just click on any of the other links on this post and it will take you to the Baleaf home page where you can peruse the men and womens (and a few kids) active wear. Cycling, running, hiking, golf, yoga. Excellent quality, way reasonably priced. Fast shipping. Do it. And SAVE 10% when you use DANIELRGAUSS at checkout~

Oh, and I hope you enjoyed the videoπŸ˜†

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Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Let's Say I Had This Friend....

...and this friend, knowing I was pretty good at photo editing, asked if I could do a favor for him. See, this friend is roughly the same age as I am, and like me is into photography (but not quite as seriously as I) and way back (let's say in the mid-to-late 1970s) he took a lot of photos of the, um, boudoir genre.

This... friend wondered if I could use Luminar Neo to improve some of his old images. Well, what kind of "friend" could turn down a request like that? 

When I saw what I was going to be working with, I wondered what I what I'd gotten into. The original prints looked like they had been in  ̶m̶y̶  his drawer for the last 45 years. And they were tiny! 3.5 x 5, silk surface paper, with round corners! Remember those?

And check out those colors! Jaundice city! This was not going to be the easiest project I ever took on. But... I had a secret weapon! Oh yeah, Luminar Neo had all the tools I needed to fix the colors, remove the annoying silk texture, and make a much larger image file using UpscaleAI.. from 40KB to 3MB with the click of a button. I had not done this kind of work, ever, and yet Luminar Neo is so intuitive (and quick) that it was easy to figure out what tools would do what. And of course, if I didn't like a result, it's simple to back out, with no effect on my original image file because as I may or may not have harped on many times, Luminar Neo (in fact all the previous versions of Luminar as well) is a totally non-destructive process. No matter how many changes you make to an image, your original file is untouched. Cool huh?

And then, there was Studio Lighting.  I had, in my possession the beta version of the upcoming feature, Studio Lighting, which will show up in the Portrait Tools on the next update around the end of this month. It allows you to re-create  many dramatic lighting lighting effects heretofore only available using actual, you know, studio lighting.  I actually found this fairly daunting, because there were so many controls and I just had to fiddle around with each one to see what they would do (remember "non-destructive process?" Good thing).

In the end I ended up with a simple "stripe" lighting effect, (think sunlight through vertical blinds). Just the right "punch". Added a simple vignette, and called it "done".  I'm pretty happy with the result. Pretty sure you'll agree, the final image is a far cry from where I started.  This is easily the most accurate color I've gotten from faded and color-shifted old prints or slides. Now that I know what's required, I might work on  more of  ̶m̶y̶  his old photos!

Now, after the image, I'll fill you in on all the exciting new updates and extensions coming this autumn from Skylum and Luminar Neo....

Famous Fujifilm Kimono ©Daniel Gauss/Shot On Site

As I mentioned above, Studio Light will be available on August 31, but you can get early bird pricing for all Luminar Neo platforms starting now through August 27th. Here's the deets:

New purchasers have a choice of:

  • the brand new Pro Monthly subscription, $14/mo
  • Pro 12 Month subscription, $99 instead of $119
  • Pro 24 Month subscription, $139 instead of $179 πŸ‘ˆ (Best deal, of course)
  • New Lifetime purchasers (if you'd rather pick and choose your Extensions) $249 instead of $279 (Trust me, the subscription model is the way to go)

If you're an existing Lifetime user, you might want the 2023/2024 Creative Journey Pass for $39 instead of  $79. You will need this to get the next update with Studio Lighting.

There's so much more to come this Fall, and I'll tell you all about it the very next post! But for now, to take advantage of the early bird prices click on this. And remember, to use the code: AFS-rdFDRy at checkout to save an additional 10%! (PHOTODAN may work as well and you won't have to cut and past, or try to remember that first one)

Here's more samples (by other folks) of Studio Lighting tool...

Posts may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these, I may receive a small commission at no increased cost to you. Thanks.