Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Schedule Update, and a List Essay.

First things first, as it's been a while since I updated the schedule:

April 16-17 BCOSW Belvedere, IL (ASFA)
April 20-22 Jackrabbit hunting in OK!
April 23 IHCA Shreveport, LA (All breed AKC trial)Tentative.
April 24 BCOA Ferris, TX (Borzoi ASFA trial)
April 25 BCOA Ferris, TX (Borzoi LGRA races)
April 30-May 1 LSWC Ferris, TX (All breed AKC trial)
May 7-8 AAWC Hutto, TX (All breed ASFA)
May 17 IWCA Gray Summit, MO (IW ASFA trial)
May 18 IWCA Gray Summit, MO (IW LGRA races)
May 19 IWCA Gray Summit, MO (IW Agility) Tentative.
May 21-22 WCLCC Hobart, IN (All breed ASFA trial)
May 28-29 NCC Ravenna, OH (All breed AKC trial)
June 4-5 ASFA International Invitational, Remington VA
June 7-10 SCOA National Specialty, Lexington, KY
June 11-12 NCC Oberlin, OH WRA (and LGRA?)& fun match
Sept 18-23 The Dog's Camp Asheville, NC
Sept 26-28 BCOA Basenji National Specialty, Gray Summit, MO
Sept 30-Oct 1 Loomis, Nebraska Dog Races and Swapmeet.

Whew! What a schedule.. and most of the missing Summer weekend dates should get filled in. We're also going to try and get the gig shooting the Kenton, OH "Coondog Nationals" on the week leading up to Labor Day. For those not familiar with coondogs, (as opposed to coonhounds!), they're basically greyhounds.... that bark/bay. The coondog races are a speed event, covering a distance of about a mile. There are also water races. It's a massive event held in central Ohio every year for a long, long time!

We're also most likely going to do the WCLCC trial at Hobart in September, because we NEVER miss the pig roast. More events will be listed as they become established.

DOG LISTS- (they eat their own)

I noticed a strange phenomenon this week on one of the lists I'm on. I became involved in a bit of an imbroglio.. a first for me; have been on numerous lists since '98 or so and have never been in an imbroglio. And all from a brief "toss off" posting. It brought about the cannibalistic nature of lists, and I'm not sure I'm going to stay subscribed to most of them, other than for informational (read: business) purposes.

But anyway, back to the interesting dynamic... where the people on the list one least identifies with (for political, personality, or whatever reasons) become one's defenders, and those who are one's (supposed) friends turn on them. Very disconcerting. And a little bit hurtful. I'll be more careful around them in the future. Especially the instigator, who has a long history of this sort of thing on many lists, and in my thoroughly non-professional opinion, should probably seek therapy to root out the source of their insecurity. It ain't natural.