Tuesday, February 27, 2024

A Poll.

 Here's a poll. The poll question will be shown when you click on that ๐Ÿ‘ˆ link. If there's sufficient "yes" votes, I'll follow through with setting up a Zoom session. 

NOT(!) The Terrible Twos!!

Luminar Neo is two years old! And to celebrate, Skylum Software has given me (among a select bunch of  others.... though they're not as important) some very special promotional codes. Yeah baby! I previously posted this news only on my Facebook pages, and the promotion was scheduled to end yesterday morning (February 26). You can find the anniversary special prices at that FB link.

But great news for all you procrastinators out there... the anniversary sale has been extended to 7am EST, March 4. That's next Monday, folks. 

Time to jump on it. Use this link.  And here's where the good stuff happens. When you purchase any Luminar Neo option at the special 2 year anniversary prices, you can save an 20% at checkout when you copy and paste this code: AFF-iqi5 

It's time to up your editing game, while simplifying it at the same time. Take your photos from this-

Unedited, un-cropped image, taken through smudgy plexiglass.

,,,to this! (in a matter of minutes!

Lion through glass, El Paso Zoo  ©Daniel Gauss/Shot On Site

Need that link again? Just click the ad below๐Ÿ‘‡

Tuesday, February 06, 2024

An Offer For Budding Landscape Photographers...

...and even for those who think they're accomplished. Like me.

Those rascals at Skylum Software have an offer for you, in the form of a comprehensive Countryside Landscape Kit for Luminar Neo, at a 35% discount. (Regular price $39). What's in it? Glad you asked.

  • 5 presets/templates with a countryside aesthetic
  • 5 of the same presets with added clouds (meh)
  • 5 sky replacement images with different clouds and moods
  • 5 LUTs (Lookup Tables) with different cinema-type color grading
  • 5 bokeh and flare-type overlays
  • 3 fog overlays
  • 1 professional editing guide with instructions and tips for making images your own
Naturally, I received a sample copy to play with so's I can show you what can be done with these tools. The image below was created with a handful of the above features, and many, many of the native editing tools in Luminar Neo. (The original JPG image is at the bottom of the page)

Whitewater Creek at Catwalk, ©Daniel Gauss/Shot On Site

Of course you have to already own a Lifetime version, or an active subscription to Luminar Neo to take advantage of this offer, or for any of the other thousands of creative solutions available in the Luminar Neo Marketplace. 

And if you're not? Well have I got a deal for you! Through Valentine's Day (February 14) you can purchase any Luminar Lifetime of Subscription package for 30% off. Just use this here link.  

And to get the Countryside Landscape Kit at 35% off, use this here link! Yes, the links are different. (Also, you might try the coupon, PHOTODAN, at checkout and you may just get an additional 10% off, but I'm not making any promises about that).

And here's what I started with:

Notice the heavy black shadows in the lower left and upper right. If I recall, the lens hood was cockeyed and I didn't catch it for for several frames. Here was a case where one of the new generative AI tools came in handy: GenErase fixed it right up.

So you ready to buy ya some Luminar Neo or what? C'mon now...