Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Answer: Hang On!

Question: What do you do if your dog is an extreme flight risk?

(Images from the LGRA and NOTRA Other Breed National Race Meets, Windyglen Ranch, Boswell, OK; Nov 1-2, 2008. More on the Shot On Site website.)


  1. Who'd thunk that a handler would get road-rash at a coursing dog trial? Seriously, though, is there any use of tracking collars in coursing dog events (like there is in field-trialing) to avoid lost dogs?

    Nice to see some dog pics now that the election is successfully over.


  2. Most trials and races (this was from a race meet) are held at secure locations. Occasionally a dog will skip out, but for the most part the problem is more of the time consumed to catch the dog after a race or course (which is the case in the dog pictured) than anything else. Most exhibitors would feel that anything other than a flat collar would slow the dog down. Also, collars are not permitted in lure coursing.

    Radio collars, and the new GPS setups from Garmin are showing up a little more at open field hunting events where there actually is potential for a lost dog.


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