Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Time... and a Signal.

That's what you need to keep regularly posting to a blog. It's what we've been lacking the last couple of weeks. So, just to let regular readers know, we'll be catching up soon. The Lake Country Lure Coursers trials, and several days as touristas in the Niagara Falls area (we did not get married.), the Great Canadian Triathlon and associated events in Ontario, and it just hit me, I never did the piece I wanted to do on the other art fair we did... one with clothes on... in Monroe, MI. (It's even greyhound- deerhound- staghound related. Sort of.)

Meanwhile, here's an interesting image from Lapeer, MI. We're sure we don't know this person; but he sure reminds us of someone! LOL (and will undoubtedly provoke a comment.)

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