Sunday, September 24, 2006

On the Road Again..

Back to our travels, as we're rushing headlong back to the present! After leaving Niagara, we spent Labor Day Weekend in Ontario, Canada, covering the Great Canadian Triathlon. Other than a disappointing outing at the oval racing, we had an enjoyable time. And so did this little one...

After returning to Michigan we decided to stop for the night in Lapeer...

DINING TIP: The Blind Fish (no web site), in Lapeer has exceptional seafood and, so I'm told, steaks. Excellent Bloody Mary, (but not as good as mine.) Try the Southwest Grouper- a blend of flavors from chilis to cajun. Yum. we could have dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.

Following a couple days in Jackson, we were motivated to get to one of our favorite stops of the year, the Wind Chasers Lure Coursing Club's annual Pig Roast. Oh yeah, there were trials, too.

Then it was time for our annual week vacation from sighthounds: The Dog's Camp. Held at the 4H Education Center in Swannanoa (near Asheville), it's worth an entire post in itself. So go get your clickers and treats, and get ready...

The Dog's Camp is fun!

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