Sunday, September 24, 2006

They Really Aren't Just "Fur People".

From New Scientist:

"Last week, researchers gathered at a conference held at the Royal Society in London to hear the latest evidence on how animals interpret the world. One thing is clear: they do not see it the same way we do, and only by accepting that can we learn to care for them better. "The matter of central interest is the animals' own perspective on its quality of life," says James Kirkwood of the Universities Federation for animal Welfare, which co-sponsored the conference with the British Veterinary Association." (Emphasis mine.)

This tidbit is from a very interesting article on current research into the state of animal welfare. It's interesting to find out that what your vet doesn't know can make life miserable for your pet.

Read it all here. And a Hat Tip to Richard H. in Canada.

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