Monday, May 15, 2023

YouTube Is My Fox News

Most Caucasian men my age spend their entire lives planted in their recliners being spoonfed weird conspiracies and right wing white supremacist talking points, till the drool puddles in their laps and their wives kick them out of the house sending them to the golf course to meet with all their red-hatted buddies.

Not me, though. When I get up in the morning, I grab a cup of black coffee, plant myself in the recliner (similar so far, but WAIT!), turn on the TV and start scrolling through YouTube videos... sometimes until lunch time (or beyond), just seeing what there is to see.

Of course, I have my selected favorites... cycling shows, like The GCN Show, GCN Racing News Show, and the GCN Tech Show, plus any racing highlights I haven't already seen on GCN+. Can't leave out politics... probably the best being Beau of the Fifth Column (watch, and you'll see... just don't judge that book by its cover!). I'll also always stop by at least briefly at the live cam for the Soo Locks.  Miscellaneous sports programs, home improvement, science, music (check out The Daily Doug!), cooking, baking, and on and on. The list is endless. Oh! How could I forget Looper?

But some of the best things I find are just from looking at the thumbnail and thinking, "hmmmm that might be interesting." Or, as was the case yesterday: "Oh! this will be awesome" when I saw this trio of crossroads blues soul selling:

And, as you know, once you view one type of video on YouTube, the algorithm won't let you go without showing you many many more of the same type. So, check out this master class!

Since this was so much fun, I may make it a point to plop a few of my favorite discoveries here once or twice a week. Would you like that? Sure you would.

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