Monday, April 15, 2024

Change Is Comin'

And by that, I mean Version 1.19.0 of Luminar Neo is arriving on April 25, and it is chock-a-block full of new features, (plus the return of the much loved Luminosity Mask). Not only are there new editing tools coming, but the entire look of Luminar Neo will be brand new. Check out the new logo:

Being the lazy type I am, I'm just going to let the Skylum press release tell you all about what's coming on the 25th. But don't worry, I'll post an image or two that I made using several of the new edit tools. You won't want to miss it, so you better read this post all the way to the end, capiche?

So what have I done with the Beta version of this imminent update? Well, let me show you...  Below is an image from 2004, shot with the trusty old Nikon D70 from a moving, and rocking Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore tour boat on Lake Superior. I've posted pictures from this tour before, but this is one that hadn't been touched for 20 years, (and I ain't done yet! There are many, many more.)

Pictured Rocks ©Daniel Gauss/Shot On Site

I used both the Water EnhanceAI, and Twilight EnhanceAI tools, as well as Object Select, the latter so I could work with the basic tools on the rock face, and the former? Well obviously on the water and sky. You can compare the finished product with the original 2.57MB, unedited version below:
©Daniel Gauss/Shot On Site, 2004

That really brought it to life, huh? And while it's not a new tool, I could not have gotten the head start on editing this image if I didn't use HDR Merge before I did anything else. For my money one of the 2 or 3 most important tools in the Luminar Neo tool box, whether you're merging bracketed shots or a single image.

So, down to business. You want this? If you're an existing Luminar Neo subscriber or Lifetime owner, you will, as spelled out in the press release get all the tools on the 25th*  If you're not among the Neo cognoscenti yet, I don't know what you're waiting for. It just keeps getting better and better. And with the Spring Sale prices still on, there's no time better.  You know the drill; here's the link: Luminar Neo.

And of course, my coupon code, PHOTODAN, for additional 10% off.

Finally, it's not just the logos that are changing, but also the whole desktop interface. I'll leave you with it.  Oh wait! Asterisk below👇

*As mentioned in the release, Lifetime owners will not get the HDR Merge batch editing upgrade. Sorry, time to subscribe? Hmmm?

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