Monday, March 26, 2007


This is Bubba. Bubba lives across the road from Endgate Ranch, with a couple of girlfriends. Bubba and his girlfriends have a job to do, and they take it seriously. Their job is to guard a couple hundred sheep, lambs, goats and kids from the likes of me and other, more dangerous predators.

Since you all seem to like games so much, we're going to play another:

When I first spotted one of Bubba's girlfriends the other day, she was flying across the field towards the fence by the road I was driving up.. at a rate of speed that defied her size. Not surprising, as my reading up on this breed tells me that they were probably bred from a Mastiff like breed and a "native sighthound". That's a hint, folks. Anyway, he's very handsome, and actually quite friendly- as long as you don't have nefarious designs on his charges.


  1. Is Texas really a country? And if Texas is, then isn't 'Georgia' open to interpretation?

    I guess Turkey. Or maybe Texas.

  2. Sure. Don't you remember their old ads? "Texas- It's like a whole 'nother country". And... that would be the other, way far away Georgia; not Todd's Georgia.


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