Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Bowl Pick.

Having no emotional connection with either team, I was in a quandary about who to pull for in tomorrow's Super Bowl. Everybody needs to pick somebody.

Using empirical research techniques, and scientific method, I.... oh hell... I just checked the rosters for former University of Michigan players. No contest, as it turns out. The Phoenix Cardinals have 5 former Wolverines, while the Steelers have only two, and considering the Cardinals are already the prohibitive underdog, the choice is easy. Go Cards! As a bonus, Alan Branch is from New Mexico.

And Go Blue! I'm sure no other University has, or maybe ever had, that many alums playing in a single Super Bowl!


  1. Anonymous7:46 AM

    GO STEELERS!!!! from a native of western PA and life long fan. I did not think Dan would ever choose sides against our new messiah, er I mean president

  2. This will break a record for amount of Alumni in a single Super Bowl. Twice before 5 have played at the same time: UMES is tied with Florida State for the most alumni appearing in a single Super Bowl game. In the 1968 game (Super Bowl III) between the New York Jets and the Baltimore Colts (now the Indianapolis Colts), UMES was represented by five alumni: Earl Christy (1961-1964), Johnny Sample (1954-1957), Emerson Boozer (1962-1965), Charlie Stukes (1963-1967), and James Duncan (1968-1971). In Super Bowl XL five (5) Florida State alumni also saw game action: Walter Jones, Peter Warrick, Michael Boulware, Chris Hope and Bryant McFadden.

  3. Oh STFU Bill... I had to go with the (Wolverine) numbers.

  4. Hey, thanks Flatlander! That looks like an unbreakable record, based on the history. Is that really Maryland Eastern Shore??? That is impressive. For everybody that's into minutiae.. check out this site: