Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Best Little Wh.. Bath House in Texas.

One of the reasons we like to park at our friend, Sherita's place is this awesome shower. It's not a stall... nosireebob! This... room.. replaced a common stall. Walk in, sit... or stand... and let the two shower heads drench you.

OK, maybe it's not the coolest shower in Texas, but I'll bet it's the coolest in Coleman County, because Sherita did all of the construction herself. And not just the shower, but the whole damn bathroom!

See, not only does Sherita breed Borzois that kick ass in just about any kind of running competition you can enter a hound in, but she's also an independent contractor, who can be found up on somebody's roof one day, and under a house in a, uh "world of shit" as it were, the next.

She writes about her home repair and construction adventures in her blog, which I've had on my blog list for quite some time. It's mostly to write up her dogs, but I get the most entertainment from the stories like the one linked above, and her observations on the human carnival.

Sherita's hospitality has been appreciated by us gypsies for a couple of years now. I mean, how do you thanks someone who's generosity extends so far as to install a 30 amp outlet on her house for us to plug in to?

I guess this is a start. :o)


  1. I appreciate her.Its very difficult to do for me.Because basically I am so lazy.Her bathroom looks great.After reading her article I have decided that I should be active like Sherita.Let me try to be like Sherita.

  2. Sherita's a hoot! She's one of my favorite people. I always look forward to seeing Sherita.