Sunday, June 29, 2008

"She's Dead....... Wrapped in Plastic!"

It's quiz time, kids! Having nothing better to do last night.. (Margaret's still in Ann Arbor selling everything).. I decided to start watching my Christmas present.

Margaret originally got me the first season of 30 Rock (see? not a jealous bone in her body). But I had already watched it on Netflix, so she had to get something else. What did she get me?

(I'd prefer not to get Google-assisted answers... let's just hear from the folks who actually know without looking it up) ;-)

UPDATE: We've got two guesses so far... I'll post all the comments when I decide we've had enough fun. I think, though, it's time for a hint: One of the main characters is Harry S. Truman.


  1. Twin Peaks? Or would that have required a pie reference instead?

  2. Sounds like Twin Peaks. It's been so long since I watched it though...

    And no, no googling necessary.

  3. i up for some coffee and cherry pie... or should i say:

    "...eip yrrehc dna eeffoc emos rof pu i."