Thursday, June 26, 2008

Preparing to Travel.

We've been sitting still- and therefore not burning expensive fuel (at least in the Express... the Escape's another matter altogether)- for over two weeks now. Got another week to sit (although not necessarily to relax), and then it's off to Metamora, MI for 3 days of lure coursing trials.

Then we'll be off on a "leisurely" 2+ week trip to Lompoc, CA, where we'll be shooting a whole lot more lure coursing, plus LGRA racing. Specifically, we'll be there for the Scottish Deerhound Club of America's National Specialty, but there will be other Regional specialties going on, including greyhounds, and a couple of other breeds.

We've been told Lompoc is a "must experience" at least once. Beautiful surroundings. Cool nights, warm days, and near the ocean. As it turns out, the coursing and racing will be taking place in Santa Maria, about 30 miles away, so I'm not sure how much Lompoc we'll get to "experience".

In our "Year of Meeting Bloggers", we'll add Christie Keith of Dogged Blog, Pet Connection, and other blogs, to the list we started back in February with Steve B. As we're both Deerhound owners, I guess this meeting would be inevitable... eventually.

Once the Lompoc event is done, and we haven't yet experienced an earthquake, wildfire, mudslide, traffic jam, inversion layer, or any of the other events that make California.. special, we plan on hanging around to do the lure coursing trials up in Hollister, California. The folks there have tried to get us to come out for a while now, and this is the best opportunity we'll have. Hollister is best known for the 1947 "takeover" by motorcycle gangs that was the inspiration for the movie, The Wild One. Cool- I hope there's a museum!

After that? We're workin' on it, but I'm sure we'll be tired of the People's Republic of California by that time and will be working our way back East.

Stay tuned, and watch the schedule.


  1. Actually, I figured you feel right at home in TPRoC...

  2. Hey dudes...add me to your blog list!
    Haven't seen ya in forever!

  3. It's a nice place to visit, but yada yada yada... for all the reasons mentioned... and more ;-)

  4. Bah - you mean the fact that right now it's like living in a furnace?

  5. Furnace? Not Lompoc.. not from what I hear :-) (high today: 66)

    Today in Michigan it's 85, feels like 89.. humidity dropped to 60% from 91% last night... tha's better!

  6. Nah - I meant Texas is like living in a furnace right now.


  7. Hey Dan,

    The late great Dillingers Mom here...found your blog and just had to say ''hi''. You will LOVE Lompoc but HATE the hills you have to cross to get there. Yes, it cools way down when the sun goes down but the afternoons are delightful. Wish I could get out there but I am now down to just a house full of old I just pull out the photo albums and the memories come flooding back!! Yep, those were the good ole days....camping in the van and cooking breakfast for you at the trials!!

    Jodi and the Multi BIS/BIF Pharaoh Hounds in Leavenworth Kansas