Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Weather Pic.

Did I mention the wind? Today, it finally diminished enough to slaughter a jackrabbit and get it into the crockpot... only about 20 mph today. When the above photo was taken, it was gusting over 50. View is facing south. The Florida Mountains are back there... somewhere. The dust is in the air.

When I said yesterday that I would give the dogs a break, I didn't mean it quite literally. Fanny has some kind of foot injury. Much pain, but no bruising, or swelling, or blood. Mysterious. Yesterday Buffy dropped her gracilis muscle- and - smashed a toenail. The sisters are out of commission for the rest of the season... Buffy probably for good. The good news is that the puppy is staying sound, as is Geezer-boy, Randir. Rally is an enigma. We'll test her achilles tendon this weekend up in Mountainair at a NOTRA "practice" race meet. She seems ready.

In other news... my 3 week bachelorhood ends tomorrow, as I go to El Paso to pick up Margaret. And not a moment too soon.
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