Monday, February 11, 2008

Unabashed Self-Promotion.

Tired of coming to these pages every day and seeing the same post you already read yesterday.. or the day before that? Wouldn't you like to know when the content has changed without looking at the website itself? Of course you would.

We've hooked up with Feedburner to give you the tools you need to know when something new is here. Up above, is the headline thingy.. it scrolls through the past 5 blogpost titles. The cool part is, you can grab it and put it on your own blog, your My Space, or Facebook page.. anywhere you can paste a little HTML.. even on your EMail signature. Just click the "Grab this..." line and Feedburner will walk you through the rest.

At the top of the sidebar on the right, is a link to set up EMail alerts whenever there is a change here. Simple.

If you want to subscribe to a reader, or your Yahoo, or Google, or AOL, or whatever homepage or reader you use, you can just click on the "subscribe to a reader" button on the sidebar near the SiteMeter counter. I was shocked to find, when I pasted in the subscriber counter, that this blog has..... ZERO... none, nada, zilch... subscribers. Get off your butts people!


  1. Easy there, bud, I'm subscribed and read through my Google reader all the time.

  2. I thought it was odd to get zero. I'm pretty sure there are several other subscribers as well. Maybe Feedburner needs to catch up. It's like that "TTLB Ecosystem".. it's totally off- by their reckoning, I've only had one link from another blog in all this time, and I can see with SiteMeter and Feedjit that I get linked to by many many many other sites.. What good is it?