Saturday, February 09, 2008

Meanwhile, On the Day Shift.

When it rains, it pours.

Yesterday, we drove out into the countryside to look at 40 acres that a friend has on the market. We took Sandia and Rally. When we parked, we let them out for a "potty break".. Sandia got leashed up, but Rally, who's been doing well of late on healing her partial torn achilles, slipped by. Well, she was staying close, so we figured we'd let her evacuate, and we'd leash her up then.

That was before the jackrabbit. And she was looking good for the first 150 yards or so. She even turned it, and was closing when...

Do I even need to finish the story?

Now we need a good orthopedic vet surgeon in southern New Mexico... and some means to pay them with.


  1. Sorry to hear about all the girls. A dropped muscle is what caused me to retire Polka for good. On the other hand, Judy Price managed to bring her Tee back from a dropped muscle well enough to finish up his ASFA title.

    Good luck,


  2. Buffy's going on 8... no reason to go for heroic measures... probably through chasing jacks, but I don't think running arond the dog parks will hurt her. In fact, it seems the lump is receding slightly.

    Pack Hunt and Desert Hare next weekend, and we've got nuthin'! This is even worse than last year.