Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's A Hit!

Early indications are that you like the bumper stickers. In the Netherlands, especially! Love you, Anke! In addition to those, and the US, we've even sold to Australia.
Biggest seller so far is the Galgo Espanol. Did I mention we love you, Anke? :-) Followed by Basenji, and Borzoi. So... where's the Whippet folks? Greyhounds? Longdogs? Salukis?
See them all here. They'll be available on T-Shirts soon, as well, and Margaret will be coming up with new designs, too. Check it often.


  1. Zarandillo4:21 AM

    I love you too, Dan.

    See it as a tribute to your "money pit".
    As long as you American's know how to keep the Dollar low, then it is also fun to shop overseas.



  2. Cannot wait to see the new designs.