Sunday, February 03, 2008

Is That All There Is?

Well, that pretty much sucked. You realize this means the world still hasn't made Mercury Morris shut the fu hell up. Y'know, 18-1 still looks one win better than 17-0 to me ;)

Is Eli Manning a better quarterback than..... Peyton Manning? Sure looks that way. Is he a better QB than Tom Brady? You must be joking.

So thanks boys... for the most boring 3 quarters of football. At least the 4th quarter was... um, interesting. And, with the exception of the T-Mobile ad with D-Wade and Charles Barkley, the commercials were lamer than any year in recent memory.

And I'm out of Tequila.

Stanley Cup, anyone? I like hockey better, any way. Go Wings!

Hey look! The Biggest Loser is on NBC!

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  1. You're just jealous your not form NYC!!!!