Wednesday, October 03, 2007

We're Baaack.

Since the middle of last week, we were lost in the "wilderness" of the Finger Lakes Region of New York.. specifically, at the Wine Country Cluster of dog shows and performance events at Sampson State Park on the shores of Seneca Lake. A beautiful venue, but one lacking in the necessary essentials of blogging.... like an internet signal. Cell service was also spotty at best.

We're back in Jackson, MI getting ready to head on down to Indiana for the weekend. So here's a schedule of upcoming events:

October 6-7 LGRA/NOTRA OB National Racemeets Carthage, IN
October 13-14 MGA ASFA trials Gibraltar, MI
October 20-21 AAWC ASFA & AKC trials Hutto, TX
October 26-28 ASFA National Greyhound Specialty B0swell, OK
November 2-4 Cirneco del Etna National Specialty Cat Springs, TX
November 10-11 ASFA Region 7 Invitational Cartersville, GA
November 17-18 BGCC ASFA trial Columbia, KY
November 23-25 MAWA ASFA trials Les's new place, somewhere in Georgia.

I'll get the name of that town in there when I find out what it is.

EDIT: Calhoun, GA... that's where we'll be Nov 23-25!

Also, watch for an upcoming photo contest, and maybe some pictures of boy and girl dogs being bad.


  1. Is that going to be anything like still photos from - I just can't say it. :)

  2. No it's not. And shame on you! ;^)