Monday, September 10, 2007

All Relative.

Since I posted pictures of Sandia's parents last week.. (or was it the week before?), I thought maybe readers might like to go back another generation to see the grandparents..

Above, is Grandmother "Zanda", and below, Grandfather "Xicot", (the tall, dark, and handsome one in the group- pronounced, "Chico".) Click on the link to see some background information, and a list of European titles... most of which I don't understand. Probably show, racing, and lure coursing, but I'm not sure.
Images courtesy Anke Schute, in the Netherlands. Thanks!

EDIT 1: And, just to close a circle here... When I wrote the story of my Galgo "quest" back in August, I mentioned exchanging emails, back in the late 90's, with the "Little Lobitos" folks in Germany about their pending first litter. Well... it happens that in that first litter was a cute little girl... by the name of Zanda!

Small world. (At least in Europe it is...)

As before.. to view Zanda's puppy picture, click on the link, click on "Puppies", click on the "A" litter, roll your mouse over all the cute puppies until "Abizanda" shows up, then click on that picture. For some reason we can't link directly to a specific page on the website; only the home page.

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