Friday, July 13, 2007

The Story.

To get where we are today, I have to go back almost 10 years, when I found this picture..

Image Copyright Doma Vaquera Kennel

..on the internet. I thought, what a magnificent hound! I immediately forwarded the link to the Deerhound list, jokingly stating that here was the way to bring back the red deerhound! That's how my quest for the Galgo Espanol, or Spanish Greyhound began. I found more websites on the breed, most notably The Little Lobitos site, run by Claudia and Thomas in Germany. That was well before the charming critters you see here (click on the link, click on "Puppies", Click on "A" box) were born. I emailed my compliments on the great photographs on their website, one thing led to another, and we were soon in preliminary email discussions on getting a puppy from Germany when Paula was bred.

That process was interrupted when that staghound icon you all know as Buffy the Vampire Slayer became available at the Quad Cities Greyhound Adoption in Illinois. The rest, as they say, is history. Until now.

Last month, at the Saluki specialty in Lexington, KY, many of the folks we hunt with were all abuzz about a new litter of Galgos bred in New Mexico by Chris Mason... that being the reason Chris was not at the specialty.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I received an email from an aquaintance of Chris's in New Mexico, (who also happen to have Galgos). Chris wanted my phone number. I joked that I couldn't imagine what Chris wanted to talk to me about.. could it be she wants to sell me a puppy? I said I was fine waiting for puppies from her Camille, ( one of the finest jackrabbit hunters I've ever seen). I was assured that when she had puppies, one was mine.

Last week, I was sitting in the shade at the BGCC trial while the course was being re-strung (a rare "drag" meet in the East), and my cellphone rang. It was Chris Mason. She said she wanted me to have a puppy, because I "like Galgos". No argument there! The rub is that we're full up in the Express... 4 dogs, a cat, and two humans is about all we can handle. That was going to be my excuse, although the other problem is that we couldn't afford one. We would wait for a Camille puppy.

We chit-chatted, and I innocently asked what she was asking. She said, "I'm asking a thousand dollars a puppy...", and then gave me an offer that was impossible to refuse. Sent me pictures..
(Puppy image by Steve Garth)
..and said "pick one". The brindles and one fawn (not shown) were taken. You could say the puppy came right to us!

She'll hang out in New Mexico until Fall when, if travel plans work out, she will probably make her public "debut" when we're at the ASFA Greyhound thingy in Oklahoma. By then, I hope she'll have a name! Chris has given her a name for now, but she's not stuck with it. I've looked at some Spanish names, and I really like Adelita. We've also just read Larry McMurtry's Buffalo Girls, which is a good name in itself, but one of the main characters is Calamity Jane... another great name. Maybe a new, non-binding, poll will turn up here soon.

That's our story. We're sticking to it.

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