Thursday, October 05, 2006

Shot On Site Schedule Update

Time again, for a quick nuts-n-bolts post to let the interested know where we're going to be for the next couple months as, I think we've got it pretty well nailed down. (The dis-interested can go make themselves a coffee or something.) We're gonna put a ton of miles on the Express, that's for sure.

Oct 7-8 LARK LGRA racemeets, Oberlin, OH
Oct 14-15 MGA ASFA Region 6 Inv./trial, Erie Metropark, MI
Oct 21-22 LGRA/NOTRA OB Nationals, Marlton, NJ
Oct 28-29 Visiting NY, being tourists unless someone has a suggestion.
Nov 4-5 CCNY ASFA Region 9 Inv./trial, Gilbertsville, NY
Nov 11-12 ESCA ASFA Region 3 Inv./trial, Rio Rancho, NM (pending approval)
Nov 18-19 TCC Hunts, somewhere in the Southwest
Nov 23-26 4 Club 4 Day ASFA weekend, Los Alamitos, CA
Dec 2-3 AAWC ASFA Region 4 Inv./trial, Hutto, TX
Dec 9-10 ACC ASFA trials, Tallahassee, FL
Dec 30 - Jan 1 GANG ASFA Year End Madness, Cartersville, GA.

And, in case you weren't counting, from Oberlin, OH this weekend, to Cartersville, GA at year end, that's 5440 miles... as the crow flies!

See you somewhere, I'm sure.

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