Thursday, October 05, 2006

Political Hell...

I hate political ads. When they're from a candidate I disagree with, and they're negatve to boot, my blood pressure goes up; especially if they're total bullshit, (and aren't they all?). When I agree with the candidate, I still get upset because they're usually not pushing the issues that matter. They're all aimed at Joe Dufus and his inbred family who aren't even going to vote anyway.

So, it's bad enough this time of year, that we've got to endure congressional races, and senatorial races, and gubernatorial races for whatever state we happen to be in... but today, we're sitting in the ancestral home of all motor homes: Elkhart, Indiana. This stretch of the state, from South Bend to Elkhart is known as Michiana. Why? Because they're only a couple miles from the Michigan border. Know what that means? We're tortured by Indiana and Michigan political ads!

November 8th can't come soon enough! Geesh, another month of this crap.

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