Monday, August 21, 2006

This Week's Nature Shot

Another new irregular feature. Anyone who's followed my career knows I shoot a lot more than dogs when we go to an event. (NOTE: For longtime followers, I must regretfully report the cessation of the longterm "Women of Coursing" project, which has been defunct for just about three years now. You can do the math.)

My favorite subject is birds.

At the Racine Kennel Club field there's a pond in the outer reaches which is home to lots of wildlife. During the trial this past weekend, a couple of the exhibitors tried to get my attention as a good sized Great Blue Heron landed on the bank. It was too far away to shoot. But between courses I wandered out to the pond to see what was there. Much to my surprize, there were several waders feeding. The one you see here, is a Lesser Yellowlegs. More wildlife as it happens. Posted by Picasa

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