Friday, August 04, 2006

Pulp Fiction

I don't know about you, but most of my reading is of the lighter variety. I like "great literature", but for the most part you can find both of us with our noses buried in the works of James Lee Burke, Elizabeth George, Lee Child, (if there's a greater hero ever thought up from a writer's mind than Jack Reacher, I'd like to know who he-or she- is!), Steve Hamilton, and well, you get the picture. Sure, I did just finish Don Delillo's Underworld this Summer, which will be the extent of my heavy reading for the year. (Great book by the way.)

But.. I'm getting away from the point: I've just been made aware (third hand, at least) of a website called "Bookgasm" that reviews the books that we really like to read- mysteries, crime fiction, science fiction, fantasy, graphic novels, hard-boiled detective (think Mike Hammer), comics (and comix), anthologies and, yes, pulp fiction. I know it's a good site, because they hate John Grisham and James Patterson! I'll be adding the link to the list below. Thanks to Steve Bodio's blog for the tip!

(And if you need any further inducement, their reviews oftentimes include what they call "XXXcerpts". Use your imagination.)

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