Monday, August 21, 2006

In People Years.. He's 70!

I originally tried to publish this on Saturday, the 19th, which was my best buddy's actual birthday. But the vagaries of Blogger just stymied me to no end.
So.. here it is, two days late.

I'm astounded that every week we're at an event, people see Randir (Leelanau Mithrandir) for the first time and say, "I didn't know you had a Deerhound!". Well yeah; I've had him for over 7 years now. A teensy bit more if you throw in the fact that he was born in my basement and lived there for the first 10 weeks of his life. Then he went to his original home for almost 3 years, until I wheedled and cajoled his owners into "loaning" him back to me. (Thanks Dave and Laurie!). That was, as I say, more than 7 years ago. It's what would be called a "long term loan".

He was my favorite puppy. He was the brave explorer.. the only one of the litter of ten who would venture out of the puppy yard with me into the big wide world of the whole back acre and a half.

We've been exploring together ever since, from temporary homes in Kentucky and Wisconsin, to the coast to coast ramblings of the "Express". His favorite stop of all, (in fact the favorite stop of us all.. Dan, Margaret, and Randir's "girls", Buffy, Fanny, and Rally) has got to be New Mexico. This picture was taken last February. That's Randir at 9 1/2. You go boy!! Posted by Picasa

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