Friday, September 18, 2009

Wedding Album

As promised..

It was a beautiful day in the Gap. You couldn't imagine a better setting. To review, the day was 09/09/2009. We began promptly at 9:09 in the morning. Unplanned, but pretty cool, was the fact we had 9 guests including ourselves. Getting in the spirit of the day, Dutch and Cherie Salmon brought 9 red roses, and 9 assorted bottles of wine. Also in attendance are our neighbors, Marilyn and Jim Woods.. (the unofficial "Mayor" of the neighborhood; better neighbors one couldn't have). Margaret's daughter, Stephanie, and sister, Tori attended. And to tie it all together, figuratively and literally, was Margaret's son, Tony. He assures us the ordination he obtained on the internet was legal! We were his second wedding, in fact. The county accepted the license, so I guess we're good to go! Best image of the day is when the Tarantula Hawk landed on Tony's back towards the end of the proceedings. I had been telling him how big they were, and he got first hand experience with one.

Having the dogs out added to the fun, and casual atmosphere. And believe me, we like casual.


  1. What awesome pictures! :) I have to admit the Tarantula Hawk picture was one of my favorite ones.

  2. I just wish I could hear what you were saying....

    All the best and I am so happy for both of you...


  3. Some day, Heather Jean, you will be able to hear the whole thing. The "film editor" is falling down on the job (that would be the party with the long hair). Eventually, there will be a YouTube video of the whole shebang.

  4. I hope the "film editor" goes faster than she's going on the New York 2008 film. :)