Monday, September 07, 2009

Leelanau Mithrandir (Randir) 8/19/96 - 9/6/09

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We put in almost a million miles together. He will be greatly missed. I'll try and put together a "celebration of Randir's life" slide show soon.


  1. I'm very sorry. :(

  2. I am so sorry, Dan... but what a great long life he had!

    Of course, that doesn't make the hole in our hearts any smaller. To the contrary, I sometimes think...

  3. I think you're right, Christie. You get the unrealistic thought that "damn, he's going to live forever". He did go quickly, and quietly. If I may anthropomorphise.. I think the indignity of having to be walked outside with a flannel sheet sling to hold his rear up was too much, and he said "screw that", because he only went through that once.

  4. Dan, I am so sorry for your loss. What a wonderful dog Randir was.
    Hugs to you and your family

    Samantha, Australia

  5. I'm so sorry Dan - as I know what he was for you. Thank you for posting the stunning photo of him here. I can't help but think he had to be extremely thrilled when you moved to NM - to be living near jacks all the time - is there a better place to be when a sighthound's time comes than living in the high desert near some good jack rabbits?

  6. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Oh, Dan! I am so sorry...
    It's always too soon.
    Even if they lived 50 years, it would till be too soon.

  7. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Dan & Margaret:
    My condolences. What a wonderful life of 13 plus years to be loved and cherished. I am always struck by how much richer my life has been for my dogs' willingness to allow me to be responsible for them.
    Randir has shown you the way to love another when it is time.
    Bob Wilkins
    Nashville, TN

  8. He was a lucky dog. He got to spend 24 hours a day with his humans, chase jacks, tour the country and always had something to look forward to after naptime.
    But you were even luckier....
    Harriet King

  9. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Dan & Margaret -- I'm so sorry. Randir was a grand old guy. I agree with Christie - it doesn't make it any easier or make the hole in our hearts any smaller.

    Denny Smail

  10. Dan & Margaret--

    I am so sorry. He was such a wonderful dog--and will be so forever in your hearts and in the hearts of all of us who knew him.

  11. I am so sorry for your loss.... We have so enjoyed your photos and posts via the internet and will miss him too. What a grand and dignified hound! Thank you for sharing him with the world.

  12. Dan and Margaret, As someone who just went through this myself, you have my thoughts. It was the same with Fin at the end... he went very quickly and it was just not 'on' to go on not under his own power. You have a million miles of memories of this wonderful boy. And thank you for allowing us to share many of the Randir stories and moments.

  13. So sorry Dan and Margaret. Like many others, I have great memories of Randir. He will be greatly missed.

    Beth Newman

  14. Dan and Margaret, i am so very sorry to hear Randir is gone. he will live on in your hearts and your pictures, but the earth and all his friends will miss his presence here. he had such a full and long life...
    Jean and Penny

  15. Anonymous2:56 AM

    Dan, I'm so sorry. You just never have them for long enough. But what a wonderful old buzzard he was, eh?

    Sid in Scotland

  16. Anonymous5:59 AM

    Dan and Margaret, so sorry to hear of Randir's passing. He had a marvelous life with you.
    Michelle Cowan

  17. Liz McInnis7:51 AM

    I am so sorry. It's been wonderful following his adventures, and he was an inspiration as an oldster. It's a lovely photo of him.

  18. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Dan and Margaret,
    I am so sorry to about Randir's passing. I
    know how much he meant to both of you.
    Betty Veitch

  19. Anonymous8:41 AM

    May your grief give way to only pride, soon, in having had the joy of Randir´s company for 13 great years. Your "Hjertehund"-friend from Sweden

  20. Anonymous9:15 AM

    What a journey you shared! It seems so right that your perfect boy was there with you to take his place in the perfect home you found together, Thank you for making us all part of this beautiful life. Randir, and the image you left us with, will live on in so many hearts.

    Take care, Joan Creel

  21. I'm so sorry to read of this. Every single Deerhound is precious and unique.

  22. What a journey you shared! That your perfect boy was with you when you found the perfect home, and had time with you there to make more memories to hold close now, was the perfect closing chapter for this wonderful journey. The stories and images of Randir that you shared with us across all those miles and years mean he will always live on in our hearts. Thank you.
    Joan Creel

  23. What a grand old dog. Godspeed Randir.

  24. Anonymous12:10 PM

    I first remember meeting Randir at Laurie Soutar's up here in Ont, then seeing him when he was about 2 years old. What a lovely boy ! He and Elvira "ran" together at the October ASFA weekend in Pennsylvania, where they both displayed their fine ability to use their "stare" to lure back the bunny.... :) there they sat, both of them in the middle of the field (actually Randir layed down !) and waited for the whole curse to finish, then they both ran back to the end. They were rather proud of themselves, and their scores of 42 and 46 ! (I still have my paperwork from that trial). Both of them went on to have great coursing careers, and made deep holes into our hearts. A profound loss for you and yours, my empathies....
    he was a lovely dog !
    - Nancy Gimblett (Fernhill's Elvira's mom)

  25. I am so sorry.

    Another great hound joins the Wild Hunt.