Saturday, July 04, 2009

Independence Day

Spent most of the day being.... what? Independent, I guess. Late this afternoon we went in to the St. Clair Winery, to get refills in our half-gallon "bulk wine" jugs. (One dry white, one dry red). Enjoyed the "jazz" trio playing on the veranda for the "Festival of the Grape" (or whatever they called it), then came home to watch the town's fireworks display from our front porch, several hundred feet above launch site. Next year, I think we'll go in to town to watch.. it was a little bit too far, as this un-cropped image will show..

...I like to be a bit closer than 8 miles, or however far away this is. I've loaded several more (cropped) fireworks images to the slide show on the sidebar.

Speaking of the slide show, I meant to mention it earlier, as it's all new. Since it's Summer now, I thought it was time to get rid of the Winter mountain shots that have been running there since around February. All but a handful of the images in the new show were taken from the porch, or the yard. Sweet.

I may as well mention something else new on the blog, although you'd have to be blind not to have noticed it- the new Cafe Press app from Sellit. I want to point out the "Share" button on the lower left corner. Press it, and see the many ways you can help old Shot On Site make a few extra bucks in his retirement. Go ahead. You want to.

Also helpful... especially for someone I know who is looking to score some fresh green chiles... is an ad I noticed up under the blog description.. someone is selling Hatch Green Chiles. Blog rules forbid me from suggesting what you do, but I think you know.

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