Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hey Strangers!

Where the hell you all been?

Oh.. I see by my visit counter you've been here all along, while I've been... what the hell have I been doing?

Well, part of the time since the last post.... what??!? over a month ago? Whatever.. part of that time we were travelling. About that time we were leaving the Scottish Deerhound specialty in Missouri, and were heading to Michigan for the Rhodesian Ridgeback specialty. Then we headed south to Lexington, KY for the Saluki specialty... (and I should note here, that had I been blogging during those events, those of you who thought the blog posts were getting too negative -Joe- would have noticed a definite uptick on attitude. Money changes everything).

We are now back home. And we're going to stay here for a long, long time. There's nothing on the schedule until the AKC National Lure Coursing Championship in December.

We've added a very cool high speed connection from Verizon.. a bitty, credit card sized "personal hot spot" device. We can both be online, without wires, at broadband speeds. Only drawback, is the 5GB limit each month, (or 2.5 for each of us). That precludes downloading long movies and such.. so not a big problem.

With all this new technology, the blog should begin to pick up steam again.. just like the old days. And I'm referring to the old days "BFB" (Before FaceBook). Yes, Facebook is my scapegoat. I knew when I joined up it was a big time sink. I just didn't realize how much of a day could be wasted on it. But, in its defense, it's just so much easier to share thoughts, links, photos, and all the other things that would normally have been posted here. So, I'm not going to leave Facebook.. and if you're interested in what I'm posting there, you should send me a friend request. If I know who you are, I'll let you in.

Meanwhile, I'll be planning on spending more time on the blog. Lots went on here while we were gone, so there will be pictures to post. Summer's started and the snakes and lizards and tarantulas have hit the yard. I would expect to post more photos than writing for the near term.
So there you have it. Tell your friends. Oh! And tell your friends that Margaret and I both have new - local - phone numbers. Now that we're not wandering from sea to shining sea, we thought it would be a good idea to establish a local presence, and ditch the Jackson and Milwaukee area codes and numbers. If you need the new numbers, you can find them at the website.

Look for the first pictures later today or tomorrow.

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