Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Remembered!

Nope.  Haven't forgotten I've got a blog to run.   This road trip has raised such a level of irritation and frustration in me I don't want to spread it around.  The deerhound specialty last week was fun, and was finally an event that rain didn't hamper.  Oh, it rained, and it rained hard, but not during any of the events we were working.

It made me forget the mess that was the II.  At least I think I was at the II.  Activity at the storefront seems to be indicating I may have been elsewhere while it was going on.  It's making the decision to retire look real good lately.  

Anyway, enough about the past.  Got 114 Rhodesian Ridgebacks to shoot this weekend. 'Least that's how many have been pre-entered in the ASFA trial.  So while you ponder in wonder those numbers, here's a little chuckle for the day.  (HT  Shirley, who always finds the funniest stuff... when she isn't finding things that break your heart.)

song chart memes
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