Thursday, April 02, 2009

Shrinking Bedroom.

Don't ask me.

The king-size bed that came with the house was fine with me.  But Margaret's been pretty much living at the 2nd hand store downtown, and there was this bed.  We saw the headboard a month ago.  I really liked it.  I wanted it, because the bed in the house was just that- a bed.  The headboard would really make it look nice.  It's identical to the bed used in the TV series, Medium.

Problem.  The headboard, and matching footboard were part of a California king bed.  Same width, but 6 freakin' inches longer, and they wouldn't sell just the headboard.  Oh well, I thought, ...and thought about it no more.

That didn't stop Margaret from pursuing it, however, while also picking up more chairs, tables, lamps and such.  As it turned out, they took our basically brand new bed in trade, and today they delivered it and set it up.  All of a sudden, the bedroom looks a whole lot smaller!  Amazing what 6" of mattress and some lumber can do to shrink a room.

But it is very cool.  The mattress, it turns out, is a brand new Sealy- still in the bag- with a cushy pillow top.  It also came with the matching bedside cabinet!

At 30" high, we were worried about our resident octogenarian*, but he continues to amaze...  

Think about the effort required to kip-up those rear legs!  I've said it before, and I'll say it again about this old man who is now the lone surviving member of his litter: What a guy!

*at the human equivalent of 88 years old, he's very nearly a nonogenarian!

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  1. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Our resident nanogenerian still manages to hoist himself on/off our tall bed. And, he has to do it launching/landing from a hardwood floor! He hasn't chased any rabbits lately, but he did herd an armadillo out of the yard recently and was right proud of himself! :-)

    YAY! for the old dogs!

    Can we make a reservation for next New Years???