Thursday, March 19, 2009


With the exception of Steve Garth's Cai six years ago, all the Galgos I've seen hunting in New Mexico have been closely related.  They include Sandia's parents, his awesome Aunt Camille, and more recently, his litter mates.

Yesterday, on well known southern New Mexico ranch land we got to meet Lola
a smooth coated Galgo Español... from Spain.  Lola now lives in Louisiana with several other sighthounds, all of which are colored and marked very similarly so that her owner's husband does not know she has more than one dog.  A very complicated ruse, but apparently it works.

Lola will eventually be getting a kennel-mate/stud dog, so the numbers of Galgos in the US will more likely than not, increase.  I know Sandia's breeder is more than a little bit interested.

And just to remind you why this interest isn't totally misplaced, here's a video  showing the Spanish Galgos doing what they do best.  (This is the same video I had embedded on a post a couple years ago.  Embedding has since been disabled "by request", so this is the only place on this blog you can now see it.)

Meanwhile, the Galgo that I know the very best, (in blue), had a pretty fun day yesterday...


  1. thanks for fixing the link. I score the course to white... what IS that green stuff they are running on (grin)