Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dew Drop In.

If you're planning on coming to our open house, you should recall that I've mentioned time and time again, it gets dry here.  Really, really dry.

Nope.  That dew point isn't a misprint.


  1. That's why they invented beer!

  2. I may stop and say howdy do on my way north the end of April.. I'll check to be sure you are there.... gorgeous picture! Looks like paradise. As long as you shake out your shoes in the morning, LOL. You really have a nice location.

  3. We won't be around at the end of April.. we'll be embarking on our last long trip, to include Silkenfest, ASFA II, Deerhound Specialty, Ridgeback Specialty, and Saluki Specialty. After that, we ain't traveling around until December.