Sunday, February 01, 2009

Wrap Up.

The advantage of not being emotionally involved in the outcome of today's Super Bowl is that I can say, "wow... what an entertaining game".

That is all.

Because... if I was to ramble on, I'd probably whine about the only Buckeye on either roster ending up as the MVP.. Grrrrr. Defensively, ex-Wolverine, Lamar Woodley made some great plays.

That's really all. Seriously.


  1. It's not like Steve Breaston didn't have a great game, too. Let's hear it for UM-Go Blue!!

    And it was an entertaining game. Would have preferred to see AZ hold on for those final four minutes, but it was a heck of a catch.


  2. Breaston had a real good game. When he had that good punt return, I was flashing back to Desmond Howard, when he helped that broken down, overrated Brett Favre get his SB Ring.
    It was an entertaining game, which was all I was hoping for. The finish, while similar, didn't piss me off nearly as much as last year's game! ;o)