Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Making A Little History

Today, Tuesday January 30, 2008, Sandia became the first Galgo Español to run officially in an American Sighthound Field Association lure coursing trial. Granted, it was only the "Singles" stake.. (hounds run by themselves, with only a ribbon as a reward), and he didn't win... but he did take the 2nd place ribbon... Out of an entry of 2. It has something to do with his propensity to stop in mid-course and want to come back. A simple shouted command to keep going gets him around the rest of the course. It wasn't always that easy, so I'll take what we get.

This image was supplied by photographer, Lee Gearhart of Uma Rapiti Photography, who plies his talents in the Southeast US. You may find more Sandia images at his website.

I'll have more on the pond in the picture in a future post. It played a big part in keeping everyone entertained this weekend.


  1. It is not easy to run on a lure if you are spoiled with a real-fur.

  2. Let's hear it for hounds that will chase anything, real or artificial. Congratulations to Sandia.

  3. Dan, I wish you could come back to Georgia in a few weeks, and let Sandia be the first Galgo and Buffy the first longdog to run in a National Lure Coursing Club meeting.
    Good to see you and Margaret again, as always. Hope you are back in the pink after the little disagreement with the Burger King fare.
    Safe travels . . . .

    John Parker