Saturday, September 13, 2008


Notice our schedule to the right, I've called the Raisin River River Raisin Rhodesian Ridgeback Club, (Yeah, I know what they call it, but my way is correct), trial "rained out". Actually, I don't know if the trial itself is rained out. I just know that I'm not going to stand out in a steady rain all day. And I'm not going to chance getting stuck in their very iffy parking area. It began raining here yesterday afternoon. We had a couple hours respite last night, but it began again in earnest around 1AM. It's been raining ever since. It's supposed to rain all day, and all night, too. And this isn't even "Ike", yet, the remnants of which are scheduled to roll in here on Sunday (My Official Geezer Birthday!), dropping up to 4" of rain! At least there's no wind, no lightning. Just rain.

Good day to watch some football, and maybe... finally... finish up the toilet project!


  1. Michelle Cowan7:38 AM

    I can't beleive you wimped out because of a little rain. Ok, it was more than a little rain. We were pretty thoroughly soaked on saturday but sunday wasn't bad at all. Except for the crash on the end of the deerhound run off, wish you'd been there to get a picture of that. I may be recovered by the MGA trials. Michelle

  2. Well... I had to watch TV too! I think you must have been still waterlogged, because there was more rain on Sunday.. (I know, because we were only 20 minutes away). We got 6" over the weekend. I think the recored was Battle Creek, which got 9! Can you repeat your crash at MGA so I can get it?