Thursday, April 24, 2008

So You Wanna Be a Rock'n'Roll Star...

Who wanted to be in a rock'n'roll band when you were young? Admit it. We all did. In high school, a friend and I, who had no instrumental skills, but vocalized our asses off, got together with a band and performed in the Senior Talent Show... we did songs by this new group from the British Isles. The Beatles, I think they were called. We got two encores, even though the teacher running the show said we couldn't have any. Screw you man! The chicks were screaming.

That's how I got to know Jim Osterberg.

Jim Osterberg? Oh yeah, he goes by Iggy Pop now.

Anyway, it never happened for me, but one can dream... Problem is, when people dream the dream they don't think far enough into the future. I heard this song today while listening to Vin Scelsa's Idiot's Delight old-time freeform radio show on Sirius radio.. It's definitely not "work safe". Is it "kid safe"? I don't know; I don't know your kids...

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