Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rivalry Returns... (with a conspiracy theory)

The NHL playoffs are about to get interesting... finally. (Now that those irritating Nashvillains have been put in their place.... the golf course). The Red Wings next opponent is the always-hated Colorado Evil.. Avalanche.

It's been a number of years since the teams have met in the playoffs.. Well, the Wings have been there, but the Avs have been golfing by this point in the season.

But when the rivalry was hot.. was it ever hot! What hockey fan (the rest of you can move on to another blog at this point) will ever forget this:


But the league is trying to effect Detroit's concentration with the most bizarre rule ever handed down: No swinging the octopus over the head! WTF is up with that? Ah well... Wings in 6. Bank it.

Back to dogs and other stuff.

UPDATE: This is too funny!. Game 1: Detroit 4, Colorado 3.


  1. Fear not Dan, Roy was just given a 4,500 fine and suspended 4 games and his son was given a 5 game suspension for acting like his dad. Skating across the ice from goals to fight. So much for those AAA teams being violence free.

    See You Soon

  2. Yeah... that video was on YouTube as well. Game 1 in the books. 4-3 Detroit. All the heroes and villains are back.. McCarty, Forsberg. Lovin' it!