Tuesday, April 29, 2008

For Midwesterners; Others May Audit the Course.

Meijer's invented the concept of the "hypermarket", long before there were WalMart "Supercenters". Groceries and dry goods and hardware and automotive and more, all under one roof. While they're slightly higher priced than Wal Mart (but not significantly so), we will usually choose to shop there when we're in their market areas (Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois).

The other day, I got this email notice from the United States Sportsmen Association, informing me that Meijer's had fallen into league with the devil.

I just sent my letter of "protest" to the Meijer CEO. I urge anyone reading this in the above states... or, what the hell, outside of it... to do the same. I told them if H$U$ gets their way, they will ultimately end up closing down their pet and sporting goods departments.

Just do it.

For information on how H$U$ works, check this out from, (where else), Patrick.

Join USSA's Sporting Dog Defense Coalition here. The Sporting Dog Defense Coalition was a major player in the defeat of the anti-coursing bill a couple of years ago in California.

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