Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

We hit the road yesterday morning, and drove the Express out of New Mexico for the first time in 2 months. Signal's been spotty, so not much new added here. When we get to Louisiana, I'll have time to catch up. Meanwhile, here's an easy little geo-quiz to keep you occupied. Where is this? Post your answers to "comments".
UPDATE: Had a correct answer already... took about 2 minutes, but I did say it was easy. I'll hold publishing comments for a few days, so others can post their- correct- responses.
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  2. Gotta be Roswell. I love the sense of humor that town has about aliens.


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  4. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Roswell, NM is really a cool place if you like taking photos of little green aliens everywhere like at the Walmart. As I recall they have a big sign on their doors too with aliens saying we welcome visitors from all over the galaxy. There's also aliens on the Burger King there, the soda machines downtown and a bunch of other places. I was disappointed though when I drove through in Feb to find that the alien headed street lights downtown are mostly missing their little slanty eyes now.

  5. I told you it was easy. Todd was the first, with a correct answer about 2 minutes after the post was published.. so I deleted it to make it fair. In one of those Blogger mysteries, I didn't delete it "permanantly", thinking I could re publish it... damned if I can figure out how, so here is Todd's comment:

    "Since it's a Wal-Mart, it has to be.......... ANYWHERE!!!

    Nah, the little green men tell me it's Roswell, NM"