Friday, March 28, 2008


...from the booming metropolis of downtown Hugo, Oklahoma, where we've eaakaek mmgmgmgfmfmfm ldle0 eikdfjl94il... mmmfffff.... wait. OK, got my tongue unplanted from my cheek. We've escaped from Windyglen, where we've been spending the "off week" after last weekend's greyhound trial in Texas and NOTRA racemeet here in Oklahoma. Windyglen offers a lot for us... RV hookups, primarily, but a pastoral rural setting as well... and therein lies the problem, and which is why we've driven 22 miles to Hugo, and the Chocktaw County Library: WiFi. So, if you've been wondering what's happened to us, and why nothing has been posted recently... now you know.

I promised a shot of Rally's new look...

Right away you're probably noticing that the hardware's gone, replaced by a removeable cast. In retrospect, the external fixator device was probably not a practical solution for a dog that lives in a motor home with narrow passageways, 4 other dogs (not to mention a cat), and plenty of other obstacles... like catching the device on the door of the crate. Sandia also got his paw caught inside one of the rods as well. What fun. The upshot is that it got loose, and she developed a staph infection in the bone that was resistant to all but 4 antibiotics, (fortunately one of them was Tetracycline... for which we got a 4 week supply at WalMart for $6!). So, for living up to her new name yet again, the good folks at Louisiana Veterinary Referral Clinic put her in the cast, and Rally is much, much happier. We've had the cast off twice now, to change the padding, and the drainage has been reduced to light spotting, and the swelling around the tibia has gone down noticeably. She thinks she can even run. She may, but probably never competitively again. We'll see what Jim Radcliffe thinks when we remove the cast for good in 6 and a half more weeks.


If anyone is still interested, the answer to the last geoquiz, was Dyess AFB in Tye, TX... which is next to Abilene. One of only two places in the US where you could see the B1B bomber.. (the other being Elmendorf AFB in South Dakota... but you'd likely see snow on the ground if that had been the location). And when I say they come in low, I mean it. Just check this out:

...and when the wind is blowing the other way, and they're taking off over the campground and the Flying J, instead of landing, consider this: It's four times as loud, with long flames shooting out of the afterburners. Just way too cool.


We'll be staying at Windyglen for another few days, so don't look for much here until we head up to Wichita. Unless something happens that I just have to write about.

Oh, Margaret and Sally drove up to Tulsa yesterday and visited the Oklahoma Aquarium. Margaret got some terrific pictures with the little Fuji camera. We'll be changing the slide show soon!

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  1. Good luck keeping that little girl from running! Nice to see her standing up and looking like a long-dog despite the prosthesis.

    Safe travels