Wednesday, March 05, 2008

All In the Family

It was damn cold when I got up this morning, but by the time we got up to Moriarty and got the dogs out of the vehicles, it was damn perfect weather. This would be the only chance we'd have for a -truncated- family shot. Maya (that loooong dog from a previous post) on the left, Zuni in the middle, and well, what readers of this blog don't recognize Sandia? The people? It matters? Okay, Steve Garth, and Chris Mason (without whom, neither Steve or I would have these fabulous Spanish Greyhounds).

I would be an irresponsible owner if I didn't post at least one picture of the group chasing a jack, with Sandia prominently in the lead...

... and a solo shot of Sandia's backside, showing some pretty decent muscling..

..and after Sandia had run two, I leashed him up so Maya and Zuni could get some decent photo time ;-) Sandia's run way more than his littermates at this point which, depending on my or Chris's point of view is either a good thing or a bad. Time will tell. Today was his last rabbit until next Fall at the earliest.. so I guess I could have let him chase a third one. It was a great day out with good people and promising dogs.

We headed back to Edgewood for breakfast at the East Mountain Grill... something I was looking forward to all week. The best huevos rancheros I've ever tasted.. with green chiles, of course, and good black beans. We had to wait for Steve a bit, because he was hung up in the parking lot on the phone with Jermaine Dupri. Oh, these movers and shakers I hang out with.


  1. Wrong Dan, It was me who gave Chris the opportunity to have a bitch which she could breed :-)
    Have a safe trip to airport.

  2. Ah yes, but I was talking about the specific dogs in the photo.. because Steve already had Galgos as well. You're very important in the story, though :-)

  3. Thanks for making my day ;-)

  4. Dan -- great pics of Sandia, especially! Thanks for the plug in the post about going to visit Steve... just read it, which means I must be doing some blocking of my own. Got me a new toy, too... you can probably guess what it is. I have now fully entered the 21st century... although thankfully, shotgun technology hasn't gone quite as obsolescent so quickly so I can still enjoy using my 70yr-old guns.

    best from here