Sunday, January 20, 2008

Scenes From a Hunt.

Yesterday, I took Sandia and the camera to a nearby hunt. It was good to see old friends, and meet some new ones, and get reacquainted. But mostly, it was good to see hounds doing what they do, doing what they've done for more than a Millenia; and doing it in such a beautiful setting.

This dog worked hard, over a long, long time and a great distance. Usually, unlike life, hard work isn't rewarded. In this case it was.

They're back out there today, but I have another task. It's time to let Sandia loose on a jackrabbit. Let the learning begin!
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  1. Dan:

    Nice pics! Especially of that dog and rabbit. Hope to see that in person someday. Regarding some of your previous posts and new cameras making it easier for amateurs to get decent pictures: what would you calculate your ratio of useable: useless pics is? and how much do you rely on the software to crop images to adjust composition within the frame?

    I know that when I should old fashioned film, if I get one decent slide image out of 8, or so, I'm pretty happy. It's probably roughly the same for digital -- although it is nice to immediately delete the dross.

    Hope to make contact with Margaret.